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Authorized Retailers

There are dozens of websites that sell World Nutrition products.  Internet re-seller sites are not regulated.  We strongly suggest that you purchase World Nutrition products from one of our authorized online retailers to ensure the safety and quality of your purchase.  Click on one of the logos below to be taken to one of our online retailer’s website.

If you are trying to locate the retail store nearest you, contact 800.548.2710 or email: and we will respond within one business day.

ONLY authorized Amazon & Ebay seller

Authorized Retailer’s Badge

How do you know you’re purchasing a product from an authorized retailer? Simple. All authorized retailers will display the badge below on their websites. If you are on a site that sells World Nutrition products but can’t find the badge, you can check our listing of authorized retailers. If the website is not an authorized retailer, World Nutrition highly encourages you to find an authorized site to make your purchase.

It’s extremely important to purchase World Nutrition products from an authorized retailer in order to ensure that you are receiving safe products of the highest quality.

World Nutrition can not guarantee the quality of items from websites who do not carry the authorized retail badge (especially those on sites such as and  Many of these unauthorized sites often tempt you with extremely discounted prices. Like most consumer goods, you often get what you pay for. Please be aware that purchasing and using products from these unauthorized sites can be dangerous for a variety of different reasons. Some of the hazards we often see associated with these unauthorized sites include:

  • Product not being stored properly or being stored in an unsafe environment, which can lead to decreased effectiveness
  • Product that has been opened or is missing the safety seal
  • Product that is past or close to expiration

It’s just not worth the risk. Protect your health. Look for the World Nutrition Authorized Retailer badge to guarantee the safety and quality of your World Nutrition products.


Security Seal Sticker

All products from authorized retailers will have a white circle security seal sticker on the bottom to ensure lot number and quality. If the sticker is removed, this voids the warranty and the 30 day guarantee.

World Nutrition products are available for purchase on Amazon and eBay.  Please note that Energetic Nutrition is our ONLY authorized Amazon and eBay seller.

World Nutrition only extends our product warranty including the 30-day money back guarantee to the product sold by our authorized seller. This is because enzymes are sensitive to both moisture & temperature. They require strict control of storage conditions to provide the maximum benefits and potency. To ensure that you receive a fresh product that has been properly handled and stored, be sure to buy from Energetic Nutrition on these websites.

Amazon Seller
Ebay Reseller

Online Retailer Request Form

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