Healthy Holiday Top 3 Tips

Healthy Holiday Top 3 Tips

Healthy Holiday Top 3 Tips

Do you think it’s impossible to have a healthy holiday season and still have fun? Think again!! With the Holiday Season approaching, you may find yourself already cringing at the thought of the holiday meals and treats, and how your body will feel after eating them. But it is possible to have a healthy holiday! Now is the time to start prepping your body so you can enjoy these foods without the bad feelings that come along with them.

Follow these 3 easy tips to enjoy a healthy holiday and still feel great too!

1. First, make sure you maintain a regular exercise schedule 5-6 days per week. For best results, make sure that you get 30 minutes of movement after your initial sweat point. So once you feel yourself starting to sweat, it’s best to keep up the activity for 30 minutes (or more if your extra motivated!) Switch up your routine often, and include a friend in your workouts to keep them enjoyable.

2. Next, remember that the healthy holidays are all about enjoying your favorite foods, and not overeating them. Choose a smaller plate size, and be sure to include something green on your plate with every meal. Keeping the nutritious bits of a meal on your plate will help you recognize when you’re full, and the extra fiber will help you to feel full faster.

3.Preparing your body for the extra indulgences with supplements called systemic enzymes will ensure an easier “bounce back” and a much more enjoyable Healthy Holiday Season. Systemic enzymes work throughout the entire body to help your body get back into balance and deal with extra holiday stress such as overeating, skipping workouts, mental and emotional stress, lack of sleep, and more.  Systemic enzymes can help your body adapt to this stress in many ways.

Systemic enzymes can help you:



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