The Secret to Faster Workout Recovery

The Secret to Faster Workout Recovery

The Secret to Faster Workout Recovery

Are you putting the time in at the gym, but still finding yourself unable to move past the muscle aches? Are you a runner finding yourself running low on stamina? Are you trying to improve what your body is capable of doing, during and after workout sessions?

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Systemic Enzymes are naturally occurring in your body, but as you age the enzyme supply diminishes making it much harder to bounce back after a workout session. With a lack of systemic enzymes circulating through your body, you will find yourself more susceptible to pain, inflammation, muscle aches, and poorer endurance levels than your younger self. This makes it much harder to recoup after a workout session, leading to discouragement, missed workout sessions, and the end of your optimum workout routines.

So, now is the time to take your workouts to the next level, without feeling the aches that come along with it!

Talk to your Doctor about Vitälzȳm® Xe, a systemic enzyme capsule taken twice daily, on an empty stomach, in the morning and evening. This vegetarian-friendly enzyme is the world’s leading professional-strength supplement available exclusively through healthcare practitioners.

Vitälzȳm® Xe is utilized throughout the body to:

  • neutralize rogue proteins that would effect your work-out ability
  • reduce chronic inflammation making recovery faster and less painful
  • regulate an over-active or weakened immune system
  • improves overall health and functionality
  • remove excess fibrin and plaque that would lower your endurance levels
  • restore healthy blood flow which will improve your stamina and bounce back capability.

In addition to helping combat muscle aches and low stamina, Vitälzȳm® Xe is used to repair joint and connective tissue, which will help prevent potential workout injuries in the future.

For extra credit, you can try these healthy tips to boost your recovery time:


STRETCH- relieve muscular tension and soreness by incorporating a stretching routine after every workout

OMEGA-3’s- enhance your stretching regime and flexibility by taking a quality-sourced Omega-3 supplement daily

POTASSIUM- go bananas on potassium-rich foods post workout to boost muscular energy

RECOVER- rest days give your body time to heal and recover, plan to workout 3-4 days/week for 30 minutes after your initial sweat point and allow off-days for recovery

SLEEP- focus on getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night to restore your body. *Having trouble sleeping? Incorporate 15 minutes of deep breathing into your nighttime routine*

Starting your systemic enzyme therapy, in combination with the healthy tips above, will ensure better workout sessions and improve your overall health simultaneously- get started, today!

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