5 Tips to Craft a Successful Supplement Business

5 Tips to Craft a Successful Supplement Business

5 Tips to Craft a Successful Supplement Business

Are you a savvy business owner or a compassionate healthcare provider?

Guess what…you’re both.

In an effort to combat declining reimbursement payments and meeting overhead costs, you may be considering adding supplement sales to your list of patient services as more and more of your peers are doing the same. Maybe you already took the plunge and invested in a line of product to offer to your patients.

Whether you are considering supplement sales or are in the midst of implementing this practice, there are several strategies you can use to boost your sales, your confidence in recommending supplements, and your overall profitability. It’s time to get in the game!

1. Educate your patient
Quality supplements are tools for achieving a patient’s primary health and wellness goals.  They work to “supplement” the overall treatment program designed to improve a particular condition and restore holistic health.

Helping a patient understand the role of supplements may increase patient compliance with your primary recommendations for improving their health.  Consider offering systemic enzymes as they restore optimum function across the body while targeting specific processes involved with pain and inflammation.

2. Know your product
Emphasize what a patient can achieve or how they might feel by using the recommended supplement.  Be sure they understand how the product works and what they can expect.  This will ensure patient adherence as it goes hand-in-hand with education.

If you are unsure exactly how a particular product works, contact your manufacturer account representative.  A quality company will provide all the support you need to successfully market a product that improves patient outcomes while helping your business thrive.

3. Offer incentives, not discounts
Practitioners may be tempted to offer substantial discounts to attract first-time patients.  Discounts have a nasty habit of back-firing.  They can lower the perceived value of your services and set a negative precedent.  By focusing on the needs of your typical/ideal clientele and portraying your confidence in the benefits they will receive from using the supplements, sales of your product line will flow effortlessly.

With this as your basis, utilizing some strategic incentives will seal the deal. Include a free sample pack of the supplement with the first sale.  Offer a product bundle or starter kit to introduce complementary products.  For instance, a product like Puracell™ that supports systemic detoxification could be bundled with our proprietary blend Vitälzȳm® Xe to heighten absorption. Finally, strongly consider a loyalty and/or referral program to reward repeat business and referring friends and family to your practice.  Everyone appreciates being appreciated!

4. Convey value
Emphasize the value your patient is receiving by purchasing through their practitioner.  Practitioner-grade supplements like Vitälzȳm® Xe provide the highest-quality ingredients with the most effective dosage.  The confidence instilled by practitioner recommendation and supervision is an added value that retail stores cannot provide.

5. Choose wisely
There are many supplement brands from which to choose.  Consumers and practitioners alike spend valuable time researching the best product for them.  It is equally important to consider the value and quality of the particular manufacturer.  As a practitioner, consider not only the purity and standards of your supplier but also the value they can add in terms of supporting your business.

At World Nutrition, Inc., we assist our healthcare practitioners in implementing successful supplement sales through product training, complimentary marketing materials, videos for patient education, and ideas for waiting room displays that pique your patients’ interest and help start the conversation.

To learn more about how to reach your sales goals for your practice, schedule a complimentary business consultation with one of our experts by filling out the contact form or give us a call at 800.548.2710.

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