6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

Whether your practice is just getting off the ground or has hit a major bump in the road, most practitioners, and business owners of all types, will find themselves in a “stall pattern” at some point.  In the language of fluid mechanics, a stall pattern is described as a sudden reduction in lift.  If you are experiencing a lull in your business, the sensation of a reduction in lift may be familiar.

The following scenarios might take the wind right out of your sails:

  • You’ve recently lost a big client, account, or referral base.
  • New patient appointments have slowed or stalled completely.
  • You launched a program or a product and the results were disappointing.
  • You’re reaching out to your target market/ideal client daily, but there’s little or no feedback.

Before we talk about remedies, first let me encourage you to stop beating yourself up.  You haven’t failed; you haven’t forgotten how to be a great practitioner; you still have what it takes and you have so much to offer the world.

Time to get your MoJo back.  Though this word has become part of our vernacular, it has particular meaning for entrepreneurs.  MoJo, for me, is a combination of Momentum and Joy.  When you are experiencing a “reduction in lift” it is easy, even understandable, to lose your momentum and feel less joy in building a thriving practice.  How do you roll out of that stall pattern and start flying again?  Simple….MOVE.

6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

Yes, just move, in any direction related to your business.  Sometimes, when you are stuck, creating an overall strategy or master plan is just too large to manage.  One small step may be all one can handle.  That one small step will, however, get the ball rolling and will lead to the next small step and so on.  Movement on your part allows opportunity to flow from your efforts, many times without your anticipation.

Not sure?  Just try one or more of these strategies and watch your momentum and joy ascend into flight:

  1. Clear your space. Make room.
    Clearing your work environment may help clear your head.  Organizing your files or cleaning up that storage space signifies a getting ready for something.  The simple physicality of housekeeping gets the juices flowing as well.  Create a space that is clutter-free and inspires your creativity.  Make room for what is to come.
  2. Ditch planning. Focus on action.
    As a practitioner and business owner, you’re a strategist who knows that nothing trumps a strong and comprehensive plan.  Just this once, let go of the big picture. When you’re stalling in mid-flight or overcome with inertia, planning is not the answer.  Action is the answer.  Now is not the time to take another class or write another plan.  Complete an immediate task for your business.  Order those new business cards.  Fix one small thing that’s not working.  The act of completion will build momentum.  One success effects the next.
  3. Perfect your pitch.
    “Selling” yourself probably does not fall in your comfort zone.  Your goal and vision to help those who are hurting may even seem incongruent with selling your services.  Without an effective elevator speech, how will potential patients and referral sources know who you are and what you do?  Spend some time refining your target client, specialty, and value-added services.  What sets you apart?  This provides awareness and guidance to create some free content or short video to post or email your contacts.  Creating confidence and clarity in your mission will encourage you to take the next required step.
  4. Write.
    Anything related to your business. Many productivity experts recommend beginning the day with a specific writing exercise – you can set a goal of a minimum word count, page, or even a short paragraph.  Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard sets your thoughts in motion.  If you feel stuck writing about your business, write whatever comes to mind – frustrations, gratitude…just write.  A daily habit of writing builds momentum, creates clarity, and may be just the thing to re-ignite passion for your practice.  Be prepared to wake in the morning with thoughts already forming.  I keep a notepad and pen on my bedside table for this very reason.  Many times thoughts come while driving or exercising because the analytical brain is otherwise occupied.  Use a recording app on your smartphone to capture these inspirations before they are gone.
  5. Get up, dress up, show up.
    Being the boss can sometimes create a false sense of freedom, like you have all the time in the world.  During the slow seasons of your business, a lack of consistent routine may lead to inactivity.  Regardless of each day’s workload or schedule, create a habit of getting up, dressing up, and showing up.  If you work alone, spend some time away from your office where you will have a chance to interact with others.  A solitary space can drain your energy just when you need to find some energy.  Work on that PowerPoint presentation at your favorite coffee shop and watch the creativity flow.Harness the power of accountability. Accountability is a key component of successful performance.  Just ask any coach or mentor.  Sharing your goals and asking for support will energize your efforts.  Build accountability by joining an online forum or a mastermind group.  Partner with another entrepreneur or practitioner you know and trust.  Similar to writing, getting your thoughts out of your head and out in the open will get the ball rolling again.


It’s time to take action.  At World Nutrition, Inc., we love to see our healthcare practitioners succeed.

Discover the possibilities of increasing your cash flow through systemic enzyme supplements.  Re-ignite your business while improving your patients’ outcomes with Systemic Enzyme Therapy. For a complimentary consultation, please call 800.548.2710 or fill out the contact form and a product specialist will be happy to contact you.

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