Does Your Cash Flow Need an Adjustment?

Does Your Cash Flow Need an Adjustment?

Does Your Cash Flow Need an Adjustment?

Challenges abound as an independent healthcare provider. Chiropractors are not immune to the pitfalls of running a profitable business while focusing on superior patient care. You most likely would rather focus on setting yourself apart as an exemplary practitioner, but may find yourself stymied by challenges relating to back office issues such as:

  • Medicare and insurance reimbursement
  • Denied/delayed claims
  • No shows and cancellations
  • Marketing campaigns

As the practitioner reimbursement landscape is changing, more and more providers are realizing the value of dispensing supplement products in their offices. This allows them to effectively manage “what” and “how” their patients are using in terms of dietary supplements while at the same time creating additional and effortless revenue streams. When implemented with the assistance of a nutrition company that understands and supports a practitioner’s business concerns, this revenue off-sets any decline in health insurance payments with virtually no impact on overhead.

Consider this conservative example. Suppose that only 2 patients out of every day are using your recommended supplements. Each month they purchase their supply which generates a $20 per purchase profit to you. This would potentially generate a monthly revenue stream of $860 and a yearly increase of $10,320. Imagine increased revenue, with very little time and effort needed, that could pay a monthly utility bill or cover the annual cost of a part-time front desk employee.

Well-informed practitioners understand that recommending and dispensing a product not available to the retail market, coupled with the advantage of overseeing its use, elevates not only their success, but their patient’s success as well. Now what if your supplement of choice was highly effective at improving patient outcomes – reducing pain, inflammation, fibrosis, and scar tissue while improving blood flow and circulation. That alone is reason enough to implement superior nutritional supplements in-office. Let us not forget the potential for a profitable trickle effect.

Supplement Sales: A Positive Cycle for Improving Cash Flow

Based on the trust and guidance you provide your patients, your client is happy to heed your recommendation for supplementation to speed their recovery. This generates initial and immediate revenue. Your patient, being highly motivated, commits to her treatment plan and begins to experience relief and desired results. She becomes one of your biggest fans and begins to tell friends and family about her success…and about you. This leads to an avenue of new patient referrals which, in turn, improves cash flow that you might not have expected. Simply recommending an appropriate and effective nutritional supplement, such as systemic enzymes, effortlessly initiated two different levels of income and provided you with an opportunity to do what inspired you to be a healthcare practitioner in the first place – improve people’s lives by relieving pain.


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