Increase Your Revenue with High-Integrity Solutions

Increase Your Revenue with High-Integrity Solutions

Increase Your Revenue with High-Integrity Solutions

Americans are experiencing a dramatic shift in our approach to health and well-being. A growing awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle contributes to the unprecedented use of dietary supplements. Supplementing is now common practice not just among the public, but among healthcare practitioners as well. A 2015 consumer survey revealed that over 68% of adults take at least one dietary supplement. A 2007 survey of 900 physicians and 277 nurses found that 72% of physicians and 89% of nurses used dietary supplements, with almost half of them citing “overall health and wellness” as their primary reason.1

Time to Get in the Game

In 2014, supplement sales by practitioner offices reached $3.1 billion. Patients appreciate the trust and guidance they receive from their healthcare provider. Depending on the practitioner/practice, product mark-up is reported between 20% and 100%. In a large practice, this can add thousands in additional revenue. Doctors emphasize that the additional income provided by selling the products can enable them to practice medicine in a more thorough fashion.

Despite these positive factors, some practitioners may find implementing supplement sales within their practice to be a daunting task. When done correctly, and with the assistance of an unsurpassed manufacturer, the process is smooth and profitable.

Partner with a Dedicated Company
When choosing a nutrition company with which to partner, keep in mind the level of practitioner support they will provide. A dedicated company will be well-equipped to provide free product training, marketing materials and strategies, and educational resources for your patients.

A quality supplement manufacturer is more than just a supplier. Choose a company that understands and is prepared for the common issues of marketing – talking to patients about the benefits of supplements; providing appealing and informational materials to showcase your product; becoming proficient and comfortable recommending quality products with confidence.

Not all supplements are created equal. Neither are their manufacturers. Look for a supplier that not only manufacturers a high quality product but delivers top-notch educational services as well. Accurately recommending products will dramatically enhance patient success. Your supplier should be adept at educating you and your staff on optimum patient dosing, cost per dose, and benefits of the specific product.

Inventory Management
Whether you choose to maintain an in-office inventory or take advantage of a digital solution, a truly committed company will ensure effortless inventory management. Some patients prefer the convenience of purchasing their supplements while in the office. With the assistance of a dedicated account manager, purchasing inventory upfront often allows for significant volume discounts, boosting profits with every sale. An alternative to maintaining an inventory, an online portal might be your preferred solution. Programs like Nutrascripts allows healthcare practitioners to recommend premium supplements without the cost or complexity of inventory management. Only patients you invite will have access to your dispensary where they can order your recommended supplements directly. You simply enjoy the automatic compensation for their purchase.

“By offering high-integrity solutions, you can increase your sales
and overall profitability while building credibility with your patients.”

Finally, selecting supplements that are unmatched in the industry will ensure that your patients continue to purchase their supplements through you, their practitioner. By offering high-integrity solutions, you can increase your sales and overall profitability while building credibility with your patients. Talking to patients about the risks associated with purchasing supplements from unauthorized sources is well-received and appreciated.

World Nutrition, Inc. is dedicated to supplying unrivaled dietary supplements. Our products alone set us apart, but we don’t stop there. We are equally committed to the highest level of practitioner support.

Schedule your complimentary consultation for your practice today. To speak with our highly qualified staff about increasing revenue and improving patient outcomes, call us at 800.548.2710 or fill out the contact form for a dedicated product specialist to assist you.

1 2007 Healthcare Professionals Impact Study (HCP Impact Study) by the Council for Responsible Nutrition

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