3 Tips to Refocus Patient-Centered Marketing

3 Tips to Refocus Patient-Centered Marketing

3 Tips to Refocus Patient-Centered Marketing

You dreamed one day of working as a healthcare provider. Based on hours of reading and research on all the available options, your heart led you to a profession outside of the mainstream medical community, as you aligned your values with holistic and natural care. Your passion and your goal has always been to serve and to help – to make the world a better place.

Then you entered the real business of being a healthcare practitioner. Perhaps there have been some surprises, even some frustrations. Conveying yourself as a caring and dedicated professional while attracting your target market can seem like another full-time job. It may even seem to conflict with your work as a healer. You have so much to give but how do you ensure that your message is reaching your audience?

After spending so much time, money, and energy on you as you prepared for your career, it is not always an easy shift to think in terms of focusing on your patient. We can all fall into the trap of “convincing” potential clients of our education, expertise, and commitment. What they really want to know is “how can you help me?”

This is the time and place to get specific. Identifying and conveying the aspects of your practice that set you apart is central to building a thriving and successful business as a healthcare provider:

  • Who do you most enjoy helping?
  • What demographic do you see the most in your office?
  • What health conditions are you most successful in treating?
  • What unique approach do you use?
  • How are you achieving significant patient outcomes?

Once you have solidified these elements of who you are as a practitioner, you can take steps to incorporate your message into every facet of your marketing. As you revise your materials, keep in mind that most patients are looking for three key things when they enter your care:  a personal relationship, communication, and empathy.

3 Tips to Refocus Your Marketing

  1. Listen more, talk less: Successful practitioners are experts in patient-focused communication when face-to-face. It is equally important to re-vamp your printed and digital marketing tools with language that reaches out to your typical or target client. Employ your marketing to provide hope and answers as you empathize and connect with prospective patients.
  2. Target your market: Be specific. You know that you have the potential to improve the health of any potential patient, but marketing yourself as a generalist will not help your practice. Focus your efforts on a specific clientele; you become more discoverable online and more likely to receive word of mouth referrals.
  3. Build trust and empathy: As you concentrate on your target market, building a sense of understanding and empathy becomes a natural extension of your marketing. Patients enjoy and appreciate the feeling of being heard and understood.

Final Thoughts

Marketing efforts need not include the entirety of you and your services. This would be in conflict with identifying your ideal client and specialty. Your marketing style is not to be confused with your identity. It is simply a tool to attract those patients that you enjoy the most and that you can help the most.

Positioning yourself in a sea of providers will not limit the scope of potential patients. It merely focuses your program on attracting your niche. You’ll continue to help all kinds of people.

Successful growth of your practice does not require that you change what you do, only that you change how you talk about what you do. Practice becoming comfortable talking about your work as it relates to your ideal client, to those that you enjoy helping every day. Your passion and dedication will be compelling – the hallmark of effective marketing.

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