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The Hidden Truth How Supplements Are Made

With the increase in awareness, people are now more concerned than ever about their supplements. Most supplement companies claim to provide good manuf...

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Healthy Holiday Top 3 Tips

Do you think it’s impossible to have a healthy holiday season and still have fun? Think again!! With the Holiday Season approaching, you may fin...

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Seasonal Allergies and the Immune System

 Seasonal Allergies and the Immune System The talk on the news and around the water cooler might be centered on March Madness, but if you’re a h...

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Consumer Demand and Overcoming Pricing Objections

1 Globally, consumers are looking for products with natural ingredients that are highly bio-available and carry low risk for side effects. The only ...

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Quality and Value: Choosing the Most Effective Practitioner-Grade Nutraceuticals

According to the 2010 Holistic Primary Care Survey1 of 2,000 primary care doctors, approximately 13% of those providers are dispensing supplements as ...

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Holiday Survival Part III: Beyond the Holidays

Article Contents: Understanding Detoxification Reducing Toxic Load Daily Detoxification Lymphatic Support The natural and holistic approach to health ...

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