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Holiday Survival Part II: 5 Strategies to Get Back on Track

Finding Balance after the Holidays For many of us, the holiday season can be a double-edged sword.  Unless you’re a small child, the joys of bri...

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Holiday Survival Tips!

Happy Holidays!  Now, be honest.  How many of you just felt a huge weight on your shoulders or laid your head down on the desk in despair?  Does the m...

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7 Tips to Successfully Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Plate

A plethora of scientific study supports what our ancestors have always known – real food comes from the farm, not a factory.  A diet rich in fresh fru...

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6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

Whether your practice is just getting off the ground or has hit a major bump in the road, most practitioners, and business owners of all types, will f...

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10 Potent Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation might very well be the most prevalent topic in the medical and nutritional world as of late.  A search of books sold on Amazon.com result...

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Cleaning up Your Act to Balance Your Hormones

Modern-Day Environments and Your Hormones The human body is an amazing machine. In addition to all it does for us, each night, while we rest, numerous...

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