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Consumer Demand and Overcoming Pricing Objections

1 Globally, consumers are looking for products with natural ingredients that are highly bio-available and carry low risk for side effects. The only ...

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6 Ways to Re-Ignite a Stalled Business

Whether your practice is just getting off the ground or has hit a major bump in the road, most practitioners, and business owners of all types, will f...

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Does Your Cash Flow Need an Adjustment?

Challenges abound as an independent healthcare provider. Chiropractors are not immune to the pitfalls of running a profitable business while focusing ...

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3 Tips to Refocus Patient-Centered Marketing

You dreamed one day of working as a healthcare provider. Based on hours of reading and research on all the available options, your heart led you to a ...

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5 Tips to Craft a Successful Supplement Business

Are you a savvy business owner or a compassionate healthcare provider? Guess what…you’re both. In an effort to combat declining reimbursement payments...

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Increase Your Revenue with High-Integrity Solutions

Americans are experiencing a dramatic shift in our approach to health and well-being. A growing awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition and l...

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