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World Nutrition’s journey began on an ordinary day in Japan. It was 1996, and our founder, Mr. Hirooka, had just been prescribed enzyme therapy for the first time. This was the latest in a long list of possible treatments for the joint pain he suffered – a long list which had so far been completely ineffective. Naturally, he didn’t expect much. But somehow, these all-natural proteolytic enzymes accomplished what countless other proposed remedies could not – they effectively eased his discomfort. And it is at that moment that our founder made it his mission to help others experience such amazing healing benefits themselves.

Business man by day, healer and researcher by night, he hoped to unlock the healing power of the ancient medicinal herbs that he knew so well.

Inspired by decades of clinical studies, Mr. Hirooka hired the most elite team of scientists and medical researchers, and combined a proprietary blend of systemic enzyme complexes with other natural ingredients.

Four years and countless experiments later, World Nutrition was born – and Mr. Hirooka’s health completely restored. With a singular, important objective in mind, he set out to combat a variety of health issues by first addressing the root cause of the problem.

During the past decade, World Nutrition has been a pioneer in the systemic enzyme industry. We are a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of supplements and nutritional products for people of all ages and lifestyles.

World Nutrition’s original Vitälzӯm® formula revolutionized the industry and quickly became the most popular vegetarian systemic enzyme supplement in the world. In 2008, World Nutrition became the first company to formulate an enteric-coated, liquid filled systemic enzyme gel capsule.

Introducing… The world’s only liquid gel systemic enzyme complex – Vitalzym Liquid Gel Capsules.

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