Dr. CampbellPhysicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Inc. was founded by Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM, a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist who specialized in Gynecology and Oncology while studying in China. Acknowledged as an accomplished researcher of oriental and homeopathic treatments, he has developed several unique products and formulations for use in his clinical practice and is currently engaged in research targeted to treating fibrocystic breasts through the integration of Chinese Medicine with the work of Dr. David Brownstein, MD. Later this year he will conduct a clinical study of this treatment in Florida in collaboration with Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch, MD.

His experience with integrating Western Nutritional Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Diabetes is discussed on his website, healthforflightcrews.com.

In his diverse clinical practice, Dr. Campbell uses both Western and Eastern diagnostic tools to make his medical evaluations and diagnoses, giving his patients the benefits of both worlds. He uses Eastern methods of diagnosis such as pulse reading and tongue observation, and incorporates Western diagnostic tools such as laboratory tests and imaging reports into his assessments. Dr. Campbell employs both conventional and alternative lab tests for evaluating gastrointestinal health, hormone levels, food and environmental allergies, and adrenal and liver functions.