The Hidden Truth How Supplements Are Made

The Hidden Truth How Supplements Are Made

The Hidden Truth How Supplements Are Made

With the increase in awareness, people are now more concerned than ever about their supplements. Most supplement companies claim to provide good manufacturing processes, but what does that really mean?

Besides checking the product label and manufacturer website, what should you look for to ensure your supplement follows industry regulations?

Food Production Facilities vs. Pharmaceutical Production Facilities

There are two types of systems used to produce supplements: food production and pharmaceutical production facilities. Most supplement companies commonly use food production facilities primarily because it’s cheaper and easier to manage. However, many products are not properly managed and do not follow generally recognized but unregulated industry guidelines and production standards. As a result, there is no guarantee these products are safe to use.

At World Nutrition, we use pharmaceutical production facilities and adhere to the highest safety standards to assure our products are trustworthy and customers get the results they expect.

The advantages of pharmaceutical production facilities includes:


All World Nutrition employees must walk through a sterilization room prior to entering the facility in order to maintain a germ-free environment. Here they don special working suits similar to space suits. All employees then pass through a second sterilizing shower room before entering the production facility.   The entire facility itself is kept immaculate to maintain the highest quality throughout the production process.

World Nutrition Diffference

In most food grade production facilities, employees wear regular clothing. While they may choose to wear a lab coat or hair net, it is neither required nor regulated.

Pressure Differential

Pharmaceutical production facilities focus on maintaining a pressure differential to prevent outside air from infiltrating the pristine facility. In addition, World Nutrition applies the following rules at every facility to safeguard compliance:

  • All the rules of the authorities and governmental agencies are rigidly followed
  • All machinery, employees and production is managed under strict conditions
  • Pressure differential is scrupulously maintained, along with ventilation control and air flow
  • Air quality is continually measured, with only small amounts of maximum particles (3) allowed per cubic meter.
  • The facility is temperature regulated and utilizes high quality Hepa air filters

Supplements Safety

By ensuring these strict rules and regulations are followed, our pharmaceutical production facilities will always outperform other production facilities. Our mission is to assure that our customers will always get the best quality so they can enjoy our supplements with confidence and peace of mind.

The Subcontractor v. Facility Question

Today’s supplement industry is insufficiently regulated, entrusting safety and efficacy almost entirely to seller ethics—good or bad. Even more troubling, with unqualified sellers entering the industry on initial investments as low as $500, the situation threatens to get even worse.

In 1994, there were only 4,000 supplement brands in existence. By 2008, the number had increased to 75,000. In 2017 it was estimated to exceed 500,000!

That’s why it has never been more crucial to carefully scrutinize your supplement manufacturer beforehand to ensure they are indeed a qualified seller and/or a legitimate company built on a foundation of solid science.

Here are a couple more things to bear in mind:

  • 75% of supplements are made by subcontractors—in effect, private label manufacturers—for individual sellers who produce generic pharmaceuticals that are as expensive as the in-house fabricated national brands with which they compete.
  • Subcontractors don’t stand behind seller’s claims due to contract indemnification clauses. As a result, anyone recommending products made by subcontractors expose themselves to significant liability, including losing their credentials.

World Nutrition conducts extensive research and development on all of our products before manufacturing them in our own hygienic facilities.

Take a look at our selection of high quality supplements, and experience the World Nutrition Difference for yourself!

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