The Missing Link in Managing Eczema

The Missing Link in Managing Eczema

The Missing Link in Managing Eczema

 Systemic Enzyme Therapy

The Missing Link in Managing Eczema

Atopic dermatitis – eczema – consistently tops the list of conditions seen by dermatologists every year.  Many primary care and family doctors are the first to see patients suffering from eczema as well.  This chronic condition is far more than a rash on the hands or an itchy patch behind the ears.  For many adults and children, atopic dermatitis is a major health problem characterized by unsightly scales and intense itching that can be painful and can reduce quality of life.

Eczema is often treated as an isolated skin condition.  Steroid creams are the first line of defense for managing the symptoms, but they do not offer lasting relief and are not without side-effects.  Treating the skin topically is a short-sighted approach akin to mopping up the floor without addressing the leaky pipe under the sink.

Our skin is the largest of our detoxifying systems.  It is also one of the primary routes that toxins can take when the body is desperately trying to eliminate them.  If the eyes are the window to the soul, the skin is the window to internal health, specifically the gut.

The Overlooked Connection

A primary, and often overlooked, component of eczema is the health and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract.  Dysbiosis in the gut in the form of an imbalance in gut flora and/or increased intestinal permeability often plays a role in chronic skin conditions. The GI tract is a tightly controlled system that is entirely separate from the rest of the body.  It serves as a filter between the outside world and the organs and systems of the body.  The health and function of our gut is directly linked to the health of the entire body. The health of our skin is a direct reflection of our internal condition. Addressing gut health is a key strategy when treating chronic skin conditions.

Medication – whether taken orally or applied to the rash – is only addressing the primary symptom of imbalance.  The skin is the largest organ in the body; in addition to acting as a barrier to the environment, it expels toxins and other products of metabolism.  If there is an imbalance in the gut flora and/or the presence of “leaky gut,” these products can be very toxic.  Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are indications of this toxicity and are the final signal from the body that it needs repair.

The Missing Link:  Systemic Enzyme Therapy

Gut dysbiosis creates a chronic inflammatory response.  At the basis of gut dysbiosis – or leaky gut – are the myriad of immune reactions that drive inflammation. 80% of the immune system is maintained and controlled by the microbiome.  It comes as no surprise then that restoring intestinal health is paramount to treating conditions that involve both an inflammatory and immune response.

Systemic enzymes support the health and well-being of the body with their significant ability to:

  • Combat chronic inflammation*
  • Neutralize rogue proteins in the blood that can trigger a hyper-autoimmune response*
  • Break down excess fibrin that contributes to scar tissue and fibrosis*
  • Reduce build-up in the arteries thus improving blood flow and circulation*

Restoring each of these functions in the body not only targets specific health concerns and conditions but provides whole-body support as well.  Systemic enzymes are taken away from food so that their activity may be released by the small intestine into the bloodstream to regulate inflammation, reduce pain, modulate the immune response, and break down excess fibrin that has accumulated due to an uncontrolled inflammatory response.

When an immune response is activated in the presence of toxins, chemicals called cytokines are released. These cytokines are purveyors of inflammation; the initial release of which is productive and protective.  However, in chronic conditions, inflammation does not down-regulate once the “injury” to the system is over.  This can happen due to an auto-immune condition as well as a lack of enzymes, which begin to deplete between the ages of 27 and 35.  A primary function of systemic enzymes is to modulate both the inflammatory and immune response, signaling when to turn off these processes.  If a patient’s immune response is unbalanced in the two arms (Th1 and TH2), the response may be inappropriate and will create inflammation.

Chronic inflammation may lead to a wide variety of degenerative diseases and is recognized as the first symptom to appear often long before a diagnosis is made.

By reducing systemic and local inflammation AND addressing the health of the microbiome, Vitalzym® Xe and the entire line of Vitalzym™ healthcare practitioner products provide the missing link to treating chronic conditions of the skin like eczema and psoriasis. *  When paired with a low-toxic diet and lifestyle strategies designed to reduce toxic exposure, the powerful blend of systemic enzymes and co-factors found in Vitalzym® Xe has an opportunity to calm down the inflammatory response and modulate the immune response.  Addressing these root causes allows the skin to function and release the build-up of toxins and eventually heal. *

Digestive enzymes and a quality probiotic formula may also support efforts to restore a healthy microbiome. *  This three-pronged approach complements any treatment strategy for the relief of eczema, especially when paired with a nutritional plan that avoids high-allergenic foods such as wheat and dairy.

Vitalzym® Xe is specifically formulated for healthcare practitioners who appreciate a holistic and non-toxic approach to treating their patients.

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