World Nutrition customers expect to receive the highest quality products that are manufactured in a safe and reliable manner. Consistency is paramount.  The supplement you take today should be as effective as the last bottle you received and just as effective as the bottle you buy three months from now.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal.  A commitment to safety and quality control is evident throughout our manufacturing process – from the sourcing of ingredients to the production process used in our liquid-filled gel capsules.

The creation of our Vitälzӯm® and Vitälzӯm Xe® liquid gel capsules begins with the selection of the most potent ingredients to serve as the base for our unmatched proprietary liquid enzyme blend. Ingredients are immediately inspected and mixed; checked for viscosity, color, taste, and scent; and finally filtered to complete phase one of production.

While the enzyme mixture is being processed, the capsule is also being produced.  Using a similar process, the ingredients are selected, inspected, mixed, checked for viscosity, color, taste, and scent and then filtered.

Our powerful enzyme mixture is then encapsulated in its protective outer shell. Quality control measures include verifying the thickness, temperature, and weight of each and every capsule as set forth in our stringent standards.

Capsules are now dried and checked to make sure water content has been limited to extremely minute amounts.   The surface is then wiped clean with a 100% cotton cloth.

We’ve now reached one of the most important steps in the Vitälzӯm® production process – adding the revolutionary enteric-coating. Our enteric-coating provides a strong and reliable barrier that protects the contents of the capsule from the harsh environment of the stomach.  This technology ensures that the enzyme formula reaches the small intestine, where nearly 100% of the enzyme activity is available for absorption into the bloodstream.*

Once the enteric-coating process is complete, every capsule is checked in a detailed visual inspection by two highly qualified individuals for appearance and product specifications. To be sure that each capsule is receiving a proper amount of care, a new pair of inspectors is rotated in every 20 minutes to avoid any potential fatigue issues.

After packaging, World Nutrition’s unique, enteric-coated, non-toxic, and vegetarian Vitälzӯm® liquid gel capsules and  VitälzӯmXe® have been inspected no less than five times for quality and consistency.  Healthcare practitioners and consumers alike appreciate our commitment to purity and quality infused in each of our superior products.

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