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Spotlight On Dr. Getoff

 Location: San Diego County California (By Appointment Only)

 Websites: www.Naturopath4you.com     Www.NutritionEducationDVDs.com


Q: Describe your Practice. What makes it unique? What types of products do you sell?

I specialize in customizing the treatment to the patientNo cookie cutter medicine is ever used. Because of this, I stock numerous different brands of the same type of product in most categories.  For example, I have liver support products from 7 different companies manufactured in 3 different countries, and the same with kidney support products…  I carry over 30 different immune support and anti-cancer products. Etc, etc…  There are only a select few types of products, such as vitamin E complex and systemic enzymes, for which I have found that one company’s product always seems to be the best and so I don’t need many different brands.  According to Quick books, I carry over 2,000 items. One thing which appears to make my practice unique is both the amount of time I spend with each patient (3-4 hours during their initial consultation), the amount of time I spend on diet, and the fact that I always do some form of liver and kidney support.

I am often asked what I specialize in.   I feel that if a practitioner is truly holistic, what would be the reason to specialize?  The body knows what is wrong and how to repair it.  Our job is to teach the patient how to get out of their own way!.  This involves re-educating them on what foods are supportive and which are detrimental to their healing. Then we have to supply the supplements required to support any organ system in need, and supply the nutrients which have been deficient for years or many decades and watch the body do its magnificent and sometimes miraculous work.


Q: What is your philosophy for maintaining good health?

Eat the foods of our distant ancestorsEat fresh food that would spoil quickly like fresh vegetables and meats and eggs and fish and some limited fruit. Get out into the fresh air and sunlight but don’t stay long enough to burn.   Avoid toxic chemicals in mass market soaps, detergents, lotions, shampoos, cleansers, etc.  Eat two or three good meals a day of adequate fats and protein so as to hold the blood sugar level till the next meal without the desire to snack.  Get some form of non-harmful non-fanatical exercise a few times per week.  Find a job that you love enough so that the day zips by quickly and does not stress you out all day.  Find a practitioner who can help you to determine the nutrients which are no longer possible to get adequately in your food, and take these daily.  Don’t forget to make time to love and play with your pets or your kids and your family.


Q: What are your thoughts on systemic enzyme supplementation?

Of all of the many products I carry and recommend, there are only a few which can make huge differences in the way people look and feel.  Which supplements fit this description can vary greatly, as we are all very different and have different needs.  The few supplements which often end up in this category would include, systemic enzymes, fish oils, vitamin E complex, vitamin D3, trace minerals, and a good multiple vitamin/mineral formula with breakfast AND dinner (never a one a day).  Since most people do not eat any form of liver a few times a month, vitamin A can also be very important as is vitamin C since it is so unstable in its natural form that our vegetables and fruits cannot adequately supply the body’s needs.


Q: How long have you been carrying World Nutrition products? What products do you sell?

I believe I have been using Vitalzym with patients for around 15 years, but it might be longer.  I carry both the current standard Vitalzym softgels in the 360 gelcap bottles and the Xe in the 180 size box.  I also carry NattoVitta although I rarely need to use this after changing diets and normalizing blood flow with fish oils and E complex and adequate vitamin C.    There were two great published research studies that validated this.


Q: Based on your experience, what types of individuals do you think can benefit most from using Vitälzӯm?

Those who are still alive would be my first answer. I guess my second answer is anyone who would like to improve either their circulation or their skin tone, or who has had any accidents or surgeries in their past and therefore likely has some never healed internal or external scaring.  Of course, I could just as well say anyone who wants to do those things that seem to be able to help in the area of anti-aging.


Q: What types of results have you seen from individuals utilizing World Nutrition products?

This is a rather endless list.  Reversal of numerous arterio and atherosclerotic plaque conditions.  Slow but definite Improvement or elimination of internal and external scarring. Improvement or elimination of facial acne scarring. Reduction or elimination of joint and muscle pains. Once again, since we are all very individual, I get the occasional patient who either does not seem to be getting the desired benefits or they take a great deal longer than I would have thought before they begin to show the improvements.


Q: What is your best World Nutrition success story?

I don’t really have a best due to their having been so many.  Two which come to mind are a young woman who took my Attaining Optimal Health class from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and after taking Vitalzym for under two months, her fibromyalgia was gone and she felt normal for the first time in many years.  I have rarely seen this happen so rapidly or so completely.   A second good example was a young girl I was treating for severe acne, lupus, eosinophilic esophagitis, no energy and chemical sensitivities.    Her face was so bad that her very open and somewhat holistic MD told her that eventually if I were able to help get her acne under control, she would require dermabrasion to improve the skin on her face from the acne scars.  Less than a year later, with major diet changes and lots of targeted supplements including Vitalzym, her conditions were all gone based on lab tests, and her face was as clear and smooth as perfect skin should be. She never needed the dermabrasion and her MD was amazed.



Q: Would you recommend World Nutrition products to other practitioners? Why?

I have always recommended Vitalzym to patients and health practitioners as one of the most astonishing products for aiding the body in its goal to heal.  I feel that anyone who uses it correctly, will see so many benefits in such a large percentage of people, that they will never stop recommending it.   I often have to do one or two months of liver and kidney support first (with about 20-40% of patients depending on their age) so that these two organs will be able to easily handle the elimination of old tissue and other breakdown residue that the Vitalzym will clean up and eliminate. If any reaction occurs when Vitalzym is started, the organs need more support.  I almost never begin with the stronger Xe product, as I wish to always start slowly.  Any reaction shows I have gone too rapidly and I avoid this as much as I can.



Q: What else do you recommend along with Vitälzӯm?

That would take an entire book to really answer thoroughly since my program is quite extensive.  I guess the best answer is that I recommend people take my Attaining Optimal Health course through the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.  That way they will get a very good grounding in all the essentials to good health from A to Z.  The course information is available at www.ppnf.org and go to Education and then Online Courses.

I have been teaching this course every semester for the past 20+ years to the public, but I often have physicians, dentists, nurses and nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other attend and tell me how it has changed their life and their practice.