• Vitälz?m - world nutrition

    Vitälzȳm | Revolutionary Time Released Liquid Gel Cap | World Nutrition

    Vitälzȳm is an all-natural, vegetarian liquid-gel enzyme formulation designed with the most advanced delivery system on the market.

    Vitälzȳm uses a unique ‘delayed-release’ delivery system, which guarantees maximum enzyme absorption, providing your body with unmatched systemic support and benefits to naturally promote good health. Vitälzȳm may assist in maintaining normal pain and inflammatory response, healthy joint function, normal levels of fibrin and scar tissue, healthy immune and circulatory systems and much more!*

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  • Vitälz?m Hybrid

    Vitälzȳm hybrid | Systemic and Digestive Support

    Vitälzȳm hybrid is the original Vitälzȳm formulation that helped push World Nutrition to forefront of the systemic enzyme marketplace.

    This powder formulation has been designed to provide both systemic and digestive support. Vitälzȳm hybrid may assist in maintaining normal pain and inflammatory response, healthy gastrointestinal and digestive function, healthy joint function, normal levels of fibrin and scar tissue, healthy immune and circulatory systems and much more!* 

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  • Vitälz?m Cardio

    Vitälzȳm Cardio | Hybrid Enzyme Formula With Cardiovascular Support

    Vitälzȳm Cardio includes the same great systemic and digestive benefits as our Vitälzȳm hybrid formulation, while also providing cardiovascular support thanks to the addition of heart-healthy ingredients, including nattokinase, magnesium and CoQ10. Vitälzȳm Cardio helps support healthy blood viscosity and fibrin levels, healthy heart function, normal vascular inflammatory response, healthy circulation, gastrointestinal and digestive function and much more!*

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  • Flexera & PuraCell

    Flexera & PuraCell | New Joint Support and Detox

    Flexera combines the purest cutting-edge sources to help support healthy joint function in individuals of all ages, types and activity levels.* Learn More

    Have you tried PuraCell and Flexera yet? Our newest products have set a new standard for detoxification and joint support supplements. PuraCell’s powerful blend of ingredients offers a complete cleanse to help support healthy toxicity levels throughout the entire body.*  Learn More

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  • Stabilized Oxygen

    Stabilized Oxygen

    Our Stabilized Oxygen may help tip the scale in your favor to even out the immune system if it’s running too low or too high. Stabilized Oxygen may help maintain healthy levels of white blood cells, helping to promote overall well-being.  *

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  • hcp products

    Health Care Practitioner Products

    VitälzȳmX, Vitälzȳm+, VitälzȳmXe, and Nättovīta are only available through your health care provider.

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  • Ketsumeisei

    Ketsumeisei | Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

    Ketsumeisei is a blend of Chinese herbs that has been used in China and Japan for years to support healthy microcirculation and metabolic function. By bolstering microcirculation and assisting liver function, Ketsumeisei may help maintain already normal blood sugar levels. Ketsumeisei also helps support healthy energy levels, normal blood viscosity, sexual health, healthy vision, healthy liver function, general organ health, healthy extremity circulation and much more!*

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Health Care Practitioner Exclusive Product Line

Are you a doctor or health care practitioner looking for the best nutritional supplements to offer your patients? Our practitioner exclusive line of products includes our most potent formulations that can only be purchased by licensed professionals.

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Why Is Enzyme Supplementation Important?

As we age, our body's natural production of enzymes decreases, which can reduce the efficiency of many important bodily functions. By supplementing our enzyme production, we can maintain normal, healthy enzyme levels and promote good health.

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Revolutionary Delivery System Keys Enzyme Effectiveness

Vitälzȳm is the only systemic enzyme supplement on the market that boasts a revolutionary enteric-coated, liquid gel delivery system. This guarantees maximum absorption and potency so you receive the absolute best systemic benefits and support.

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Choosing the Right Supplement

There are so many enzyme products on the market today, all claiming to be the very best. So how do you know which one is right for you? It all comes down to what's in your enzyme supplement, how it's manufactured, how it's protected and what type of delivery system it incorporates.

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