About Us

Our Quality Promise

At World Nutrition Inc., we adhere to the philosophy of employing natural approaches to health and healing.  Each one of our products is comprised of a proprietary blend of vegetarian ingredients* formulated for optimum absorption and benefit.  Free of toxins, allergens, and side effects, our nutraceuticals are manufactured with the highest purity and quality standards.

We believe that the best approach to vibrant health combines western and eastern medicine.  Our philosophy is simple:  we focus on identifying problems at their source.  Current conventional medicine revolves around controlling and minimizing symptoms, but gives little credence to restoring systemic function.  Our goal is to improve your health by addressing the root cause and re-establishing health and balance with superior systemic enzyme supplements.

We also believe in a synergistic and holistic approach.  No product, no matter how finely crafted, is sufficient to work on its own.  We recognize that good health is the result of a well-balanced lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, complemented by natural and superior supplements.  We cannot continue to ignore the laws of nature and expect to experience vibrant health.  World Nutrition’s products are the embodiment of that principle.  To that end, we place great emphasis on educating our customers, instilling knowledge of and confidence in our products’ quality and benefits.  

Above all else, we believe in you.  Our customers will always remain our number one priority.  We value and listen to your feedback and suggestions as we strive to improve our products and customer service.  We vow to continually provide you with the highest quality products for the best possible results.  In that light, we were the first to manufacture a vegetarian systemic enzyme supplement and encapsulate this ground-breaking product in an unmatched enteric-coated liquid gel delivery system.  In recognition of our commitment, thousands of health care professionals and retailers stand by our products and confidently recommend them to their patients and customers.


World Nutrition, Inc.