Frequently Asked Questions

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as biocatalysts for thousands of chemical reactions associated with all of the body’s most important functions. Breathing, growth, reproduction, digestion, and many other metabolic functions rely on enzymes. Similar to dopamine, there is a finite supply of enzymes in the body. Without sufficient enzyme levels, the body is unable to perform all its functions to support life.

How do enzymes benefit me?

Enzymes helps support normal anti inflammatory response, as well as well as regulating a healthy immune response, and removal of excess fibrin and scar tissue, as well as restore healthy blood flow.

What does the word “systemic” mean as it relates to systemic enzymes?

The word “systemic” in “systemic enzymes” refers to an enzyme’s utilization throughout the entire body. In other words, systemic enzymes don’t merely focus on one area of the body like digestive enzymes do, for example. Systemic enzymes work throughout your entire body to provide a variety of different benefits.

Why are systemic enzyme supplements important?

Generally speaking, the body has a sufficient supply of enzymes through age 25. Enzyme production begins to diminish around this time, which can reduce the efficiency of normal body functions. Taking a systemic enzyme supplement can help restore your enzyme levels and promote natural wellness.

Who should take Vitälzӯm®?

As a systemic enzyme, Vitälzӯm® may support the health and function of multiple systems in the body including:
  • cognitive/mental*
  • respiratory*
  • cardiovascular*
  • digestive*
  • intestinal*
  • immunological*
  • reproductive*
  • joint/skeletal*

What comprises the proprietary Vitälzӯm™ blend?

Vitälzӯm® is a unique blend of enzymes, flavonoids, and antioxidants that includes serrapeptase, bromelain, papain, rutin, amylase, protease, lipase, and amla.

What is serrapeptase?

Vitälzӯm®’s key ingredient is serrapeptase, one of the strongest, non-animal derived, proteolytic enzymes capable of dissolving the toughest of fibrous tissues and support healthy inflammatory response. Vitalzym helps support inflammatory response, like scar tissue reduction, joint function, and fibroid.

What are the sources of the Vitälzӯm® ingredients?

The enzymes in Vitälzӯm® are taken from two sources – organic fruit and enzymes that are cultured in a lab setting in a protein medium. The enzymes are then extracted from the protein medium in a process that assures quality and purity.

Are the components of Vitälzӯm® derived from non-GMO sources?

Yes, all ingredients in Vitälzӯm® are derived from non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) sources. Vitälzӯm® is also all-natural and contains no titanium dioxide or talc.

Is Vitälzӯm® a vegetarian product?

Yes. Animal products are not used in the manufacture of Vitälzӯm®. The enzymes are derived from plants and lab-grown cultures. Other enzymes on the market use trypsin and chymotrypsin in their formulations, which are porcine and bovine derived.

What is the key to systemic enzyme effectiveness?

The amount of enzyme activity level in the bloodstream after the enzyme has been absorbed into the small intestine determines its effectiveness.

Why is an enteric coating so important?

Enzymes can lose activity when exposed to the low pH of the stomach, especially in the presence of food. Studies have shown that unprotected enzymes can lose up to 100% of their effectiveness in less than 30 minutes when exposed to conditions like those found in the stomach. Enteric coating is the best method available to ensure that none of the enzymes in the capsule are destroyed. The enteric coating allows the enzyme capsule to survive its pass through the stomach and reach the small intestine where nearly 100% of the enzymes are then released into the small intestine for more complete absorption into the bloodstream and dispersed throughout the body. Enteric coating is the best and most effective oral delivery system for systemic enzymes.

What is the benefit of a liquid formulation?

Enzymes may begin to degrade when exposed to high temperatures like those utilized in manufacturing tablet-based enzymes. The liquid gel formula found in Vitälzӯm® is manufactured under strictly controlled temperatures, resulting in no activity loss caused by heat. Liquid enzyme formulations also provide for more ingredient consistency in every capsule and a shelf life of at least three years, which is double the industry average. Vitälzӯm® is the only systemic enzyme supplement on the market that boasts a delivery system which combines both an enteric coating and a liquid formulation. 

What is the suggested Vitälzӯm® dose?

For general maintenance, the recommended Vitälzӯm® dosage is three capsules a day. However, every individual is different and a higher or lower amount may be appropriate depending on the current health conditions, overall state of health.

Is there a maximum dose for Vitälzӯm™?

Enzymes are non-toxic; even extremely high and unnecessary doses do not produce side-effects or complications.

When is the best time to take Vitälzӯm™?

To achieve maximum absorption, it is recommended to take systemic enzymes on an empty stomach – at least 1 hour before a meal or 1 hours after a meal.

How quickly does Vitälzӯm® begin to work?

Everyone is different, and the timeframe usually depends on an individual’s physiological makeup. Users have reported positive effects in as little as three days and usually no longer than four weeks.

Are there any side effects with Vitälzӯm®?

With the exception of minor detoxification reactions experienced by a very few users (usually mild to moderate flu-like symptoms), there is no documented evidence of any adverse side effects resulting from the use of Vitälzӯm™.

Are there any compatibility issues with prescription drugs?

Patients using anticoagulants, or blood thinners, should not use Vitälzӯm® without the consent and supervision of their physician.

How should Vitälzӯm® be stored?

You should store Vitälzӯm® in a cool, dry place, with the bottle’s lid tightly closed. Exposure to heat over 150 degrees for an extended period of time can destroy enzymes.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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