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What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as biocatalysts for thousands of chemical reactions associated with all of the body’s most important functions. Breathing, growth, reproduction, digestion, and many other metabolic functions rely on enzymes. Similar to dopamine, there is a finite supply of enzymes in the body. Without sufficient enzyme levels, the body is unable to perform all its functions to support life.

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Super D.O.S.E.

Super D.O.S.E. for Dispersion, Optimization, Stability, and Effectiveness.

  • Liquid filled for uniform dose Dispersion and Optimal absorption
  • Prolonged enzyme activity for a longer shelf life Stability
  • Low-heat production for enhanced Effectiveness
  • Enteric coated for ideal release of active ingredients

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"Helping with some of the pain I've experienced for many years. It's only been 3 weeks so far. Recommended by a wholistic health coach and I have to say there's a change already."
- Nan T

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Restore | Rejuvenate | Relieve

At World Nutrition, Inc., we adhere to the philosophy of employing natural approaches to health and healing. Each one of our products is comprised of a proprietary blend of vegetarian ingredients** formulated for optimum absorption and benefit. Free of toxins, allergens, and side effects, our nutraceuticals are manufactured with the highest purity and quality standards.

We believe that the best approach to vibrant health combines western and eastern medicine.  Our philosophy is simple:  we focus on identifying problems at their source.  Our goal is to improve your health by addressing the root cause and reestablishing health and balance with superior systemic enzyme supplements.

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World Nutrition – Pioneer In The Systemic Enzyme Industry

World Nutrition’s journey began on an ordinary day in Japan. It was 1996, and our founder, Mr. Hirooka, had just been prescribed enzyme therapy for the first time. This was the latest in a long list of possible treatments for the joint pain he suffered – a long list which had so far been completely ineffective. Naturally, he didn’t expect much. But somehow, these all-natural proteolytic enzymes accomplished what countless other proposed remedies could not – they effectively eased his discomfort. And it was at that moment that our founder made it his mission to help others experience such amazing healing benefits themselves.

Business man by day, healer and researcher by night, he hoped to unlock the healing power of the ancient medicinal herbs that he knew so well.

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