Creating a Balance with Nature and Life

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: attack the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. World Nutrition Inc. recognizes that good health is the result of a well-balanced mental and physical lifestyle that is complemented by natural, healthy supplements. We don’t make the rules of nature, we just live by them, and our products are the embodiment of that general principle.

Our Mission

Our mission is not only to provide our customers with the latest advancements in the supplement industry, but to promote health education. We aspire to circulate information on supplements to both healthcare professionals and their clients. Our greatest ambition is not only to achieve recognition as a multifaceted provider in the supplement industry, but also as experts ready to share our discoveries with those who need them most.

From Japan to the US

World Nutrition Inc. has introduced Japanese technology into the U.S. market by providing the world’s first enteric-coated liquid gel capsule enzyme supplement, designed with an innovative delivery system for maximum absorption. World Nutrition is a pioneer in the supplement industry, providing leading edge research in the development of systemic enzymes and supplemental health products.

Their products reputation for exceeding customer satisfaction has jumped state lines, ventured into Latin America, and opened doors overseas. The superior delivery system of Vitalzym with its proven results has captured sales of one bottle sold every nine minutes.

World Nutrition Inc. was founded on a simple, yet definitive message: combat health issues by first addressing the root of the problem.

Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, World Nutrition has over a decade of experience in the supplement industry, and championed the technology of how science delivers enzyme therapy. Vitalzym’s proprietary systemic enzyme formula with its superior delivery method of a liquid enteric-coated capsule for faster, more accurate absorption, has changed the industry. World Nutrition combines the best of Eastern technology  and Western values to provide their customers with the highest quality health benefits the way nature intended.

Finding A Balance With Nature

Eastern medicine is founded on the principles of a creating a balance with nature and life, and emphasizes preventative care over alternative care. Eastern medicine believes in fortifying the body with natural elements before treating with more drastic measures such as prescription medications. Eastern and Western principles are not exclusive; rather they work harmoniously together, equally excelling in different medical arenas to provide benefits for various wellness needs. In particular, Eastern medicine concentrates on identifying the root cause of health concerns rather than basing a diagnosis off of symptoms, a sentiment of the health practices and standards employed by World Nutrition Inc.

Opening doors for advancement in the supplement health industry.

The first nutraceutical company of its kind, World Nutrition Inc. is opening doors for advancement in the supplement health industry. Providing leadership in research and development, and strict adherence to Japanese manufacturing processes and guidelines,

World Nutrition is gaining the respect and trust of healthcare professionals and customers alike by providing superior wellness products.

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