Difference of the amount of proprietary enzyme blends

Difference of the amount of proprietary enzyme blends

I think you might have a question - Why are these amounts of proprietary enzyme blends on the supplement facts so different?

Because each capsule and its contents are different. If you are looking for an "extra strength" systemic enzyme supplement, Vitalzym Extra Strength is it, although it looks fewer at 168mg at first glance!

Left: Vitalzym Extra Strength ... Proprietary Enzyme blend 168mg
Right: Vitalzym Original Hybrid ... Proprietary Enzyme blend 1500mg

💧 The liquid gel:
Can be manufactured at lower temperatures with much fewer excipients, and maximize systemic enzyme activity level

💊 The enteric-coating capsule:
Keeps that high activity level for years and allows nearly 100% absorption in the small intestine

Although people tend to focus on the total amount of enzymes, but the following things are also important factors.
✔ Enzyme activity levels
✔ Enzyme purity
✔ Where in the body the enzyme is activated?

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