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Nättovīta™ is formulated to support cardiovascular health with the power of nattokinase, a highly thrombolytic enzyme. Nattokinase is a highly fibrinolytic enzyme that supports optimal cardiovascular health by promoting normal blood mobility and heart function. Nattokinase is extracted and purified from the essence of natto, a fermented soybean food. 

Nättovīta™ supports optimal blood pressure and circulatory health naturally with a potent systemic enzyme blend designed specifically for the cardiovascular system.  This proprietary blend combines the power of nattokinase with vitamin K2, CoQ10, and B vitamins necessary for supporting optimal mobility and reducing oxidative stress.

Our natto fermentation and extraction process help eliminate soy liganens and isoflavones from our formula in order to reduce the hormonal impact of estrogen from soy foods.

Nättovīta™ is specifically formulated to help support:

  • Heart function
  • Improved circulation
  • Optimal mobility
  • GI/digestive health
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